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隐私政策- GDPR合规

澳门永利集团控股有限公司, 一家在莱佛士码头1号注册的正规公司, 新加坡048583, treats your personal data in full compliance with what is stated in this Privacy Policy and is committed to protecting the confidentiality of personal information collected. This Privacy Policy explains the purposes of the processing of personal data in relation to the processing carried out on or through the website, cookies的使用及如何行使授予用户的有关其个人资料的权利.

The data that the participants in the Website confer upon their filling of the web form are the e-邮件 address and other sensitive data such as name.

While the 传播 of personal data of the user and those collected from posted comments is to be understood as directly attributed to the initiative of the user himself, 澳门永利集团3044保证没有其他传播或传播的假设是相同的, 因此, 提供.

在任何情况下,用户都有机会在任何时候行使本条规定的权利. 欧盟2016/679的13和14(也称为GDPR). 以维护这些权利, 用户可以通过地址whitelabels@tradesmarter直接联系数据控制器.com 澳门永利集团控股有限公司 is an independent review portal with practical online trading guides and news from the major financial markets.


交易并不是每个人都喜欢的活动,因为它确实有赔钱的风险, 因此,澳门永利集团控股有限公司不承担因交易而引致的任何损失的任何责任. 谨慎是建议. The purposes and methods of processing personal data through this website or otherwise will be in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree EU 2016/679. 根据这项法例,贸易商控股有限公司是资料处理的拥有人.


澳门永利集团控股有限公司 acquires personal data of its users for the purpose of providing some of its services available online; moreover, 只有在同意, 也用于商业通讯和通讯. 澳门永利集团控股有限公司使用自动数据收集系统,例如cookie. 它还自动存储对网站运行至关重要的其他匿名信息. The data collected automatically will be used for the following purposes: purposes directly related to the provision and management of the service in accordance with what is described in the rules of use. The data collected can be entered voluntarily by the user through the compilation of registration forms or forms or collected automatically.

Any use of cookies by this Site or by third party services is made for the purpose of identifying the User and registering their preferences for purposes strictly related to the provision of the service. 如果您不同意,“网站”可能无法正常工作.

By accepting the information or continuing navigation within the "Site" the user assumes responsibility for the personal data of third parties published and guarantees that he has the right to communicate or disseminate them, 向第三方免除数据所有者的任何责任.


这类数据包括连接到网站的用户所使用的计算机的IP地址或域名, 请求资源的URI(统一资源标识符), 以及其他与HTTP协议相关的参数以及用户的操作系统和计算机环境. These data are used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the site and to check its correct functioning and are deleted immediately after processing. 这些数据可用于确定对该网站的假想电脑犯罪的责任.


可选, explicit and voluntary sending of electronic 邮件 to the addresses indicated on this site involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender's address, 必须对请求作出回应, 以及资料中包括的任何其他个人资料.


"澳门永利集团控股有限公司" applies the general rule of not communicating to third parties the data collected by its Users that could be used to trace their identity. 只有在司法当局提出要求后,才能提供此类数据. 网站使用了所有必要的安全措施来防止访问, 传播, 复制及未经授权修改您的个人资料. The data are stored on the servers that host the site through computer systems that comply with all regulations and security requirements, 在任何情况下只用于指定的目的. 在某些情况下,其他方,如系统管理员, 托管人员可以为纯技术任务访问数据. 在任何情况下,持证人承诺提供所要求的所有必要资料.

The Data are stored on the server of the Provider that hosts the "Site" only for navigation data and computers at the 澳门永利集团控股有限公司 headquarters for other communications, 但存储在使用本网站的用户计算机上的cookie除外.

The user may request the owner at any time to cancel or stop the processing of data that are processed only for the performance of the requested service.


The data collected allows the site through the owner to provide its services in accordance with the law for the following purposes: Navigation, 统计数据, 广告和商业附属关系, 社会互动.

以下部分将解释这些服务, 第三方存储的cookie及其删除方法. These data are used by the owner exclusively to analyze statistics on site traffic to facilitate its navigation on the site.


澳门永利集团控股有限公司 does not request or collect through this website any sensitive personal data (such as information revealing racial or ethnic origin, 政治, 哲学或宗教信仰, 性习惯或健康数据). 否则,您将需要事先书面或同等的同意. 在下一节Cookie策略中,您将了解“Cookie是什么”以及它们如何在本网站上使用.


本网站使用cookie. Cookies are portions of code installed inside the browser that assist the Owner in providing the service according to the purposes described. 安装cookie的某些目的也可能需要您的同意.
The specific purpose of this policy is to explain the types and methods of use as well as to provide guidance on actions to refuse or delete cookies on your devices if you so wish.

cookie是可以存储在您的计算机(或其他具有互联网功能的设备)上的计算机文件或部分数据, 如智能手机或平板电脑),当您访问本网站. 一个cookie通常包含该cookie来源的网站的名称, cookie (i.e. 它会在你的设备上停留多久), 和一个值, 这通常是一个随机生成的唯一数字.

根据现行法律和数据保护主管的规定, 澳门永利集团3044使用的cookie是:

除了本文档中包含的信息之外, you may manage your cookie preferences directly within your browser and prevent third parties from installing cookies, 例如. 您还可以使用浏览器首选项删除过去安装的任何cookie, 包括任何可能已保存您同意本网站安装cookie的cookie. 需要注意的是,如果您禁用所有cookie,可能会影响本网站的操作. 用户可以在以下地址找到如何在他的浏览器中管理cookie的信息:谷歌Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, 苹果Safari和微软Windows浏览器.
由第三方提供的服务, the User may also exercise his right to object to the tracking by informing himself through the privacy policy of the third party, 如明确提供,可通过“选择退出”链接,或直接联系该链接.


The User's Personal Data may be used for defense by the Data Controller in legal proceedings or in the preparatory phases to its possible establishment, 防止用户在使用相同或相关服务时滥用. The User declares to be aware that the Holder may be required to disclose the Data at the request of public authorities.

用于操作和维护目的, 本网站及其使用的任何第三方服务可能会收集系统日志, i.e. files that record interactions and that may contain the user's IP address stored for security purposes on the Site's servers.

The subjects to whom the Personal Data refer have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of their existence or otherwise from the Data Controller, 了解它们的内容和起源, 验证它们的准确性或要求它们的永利, 删除, 更新, 修正, 转换为匿名形式或阻止非法处理的个人资料, 在任何情况下都要反对, 以合法的理由, 他们的治疗. 请求应发送给数据控制器.

贸易商控股有限公司可随时修订本文件. 如果处理用户个人数据的方法也被更改, 在开始新的数据管理流程之前,所有者将再次请求必要的授权. 在任何情况下, 持证人有权随时通过对本文件的更改来更改条件.