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12 + 4(1) = 16 g/mol {/eq}. Our cattle thus release {eq}displaystyle frac{1.7 times 10^6 g}{16 g/mol} = 106250 moles {/eq}. Inspect the molecular formula of methane: {eq}CH_4 {/eq}. Each.

A long, straight wire carries the current {eq}displaystyle I_1 = 3.8 {/eq} A and is a distance {eq}displaystyle h = 15 {/eq} cm from a rectangular current loop that carries a current of.

A mole is 6.022 X 1023 atoms or molecules of a substance, depending on the primary unit we are counting. It is based on the number of carbon atoms in a 12-gram sample of carbon-12. As the mass of.

An industrial laser is used to burn a hole through a piece of metal. The average intensity of the light is S = 1.28 109 W/m{eq}^2 {/eq}. What is the rms value of each of the following fields in the.

An electromagnetic wave with a peak magnetic field component of {eq}1.5 times 10^{-7} , mathrm{T} {/eq} has an associated peak electric field component of what value? ({eq}mu_0 = 4pi times.

and the right-hand side of the formula is given by {eq}begin{align. begin{align*} vec{S} &= frac{1}{mu_0}vec{E}timesvec{B} end{align*} {/eq}, where: {eq}{mu_0} {/eq} is the magnetic.

The electromagnetic radiation or light is oscillating electric and magnetic fields propagating with the speed of light in a vacuum. The energy of the electromagnetic radiation is the product of the.

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{eq}begin{align} I = frac{1}{2} cepsilon_0 E_0^2 end{align} {/eq} {eq}begin{align} I = frac{1}{2} times 3 times 10^8 m/s times 8.85 times 10^{-12} F/m times (185 V/m)^2= 45.4 W/m^2.

There is 2.01 x 10{eq}^{-4} {/eq} mol Ag in this sample. {eq}2.01times 10^{-2}:g:Agtimes dfrac{1:mol}{107.87:g}=boxed {1.86times 10^{-4}:mol:Ag}\ {/eq} There is 2.59 x 10{eq}^{-7}:mol:U.

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0.0447 moles of helium would occupy 1.00 liter. To find this answer, we must convert the density of helium, which is 0.179 grams per liter, to moles per liter. To do this, we divide the number of.

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{eq}(0.8700:moles:HCl)left (frac{1:mole:NaCl}{1:mole:HCl} right )left (frac{58.44:g:NaCl}{mole:NaCl} right )=:50.84:g:NaCl {/eq} The mole ratio comes from the stoichiometric.

First, we convert mL (milliliters) to L (liters). Since 1000 mL makes 1 L, we divide 845 mL by 1000: 845/1000 = 0.845 L To calculate the number of moles in KBr, we multiply the volume (0.845 L) by the.

There are approximately 0.326 moles of ethanol in a 1.50-gram sample of ethanol with a chemical formula of CH3 CH2 OH. A single mole of ethanol has a mass of 46.07 grams, much larger than our sample.

NaCl is sometimes called sodium chloride but it is better known as common table salt. It is formed when a positive sodium ion forms an ionic bond with a negative chlorine ion. There are 0.18 moles of.

The wavelength of the wave is 30 nm and amplitude of the B field oscillations is {eq}1.0 times 10^{-2} rm T {/eq}. (a) Find the frequency with which the electric energy in the wave oscillates. (b).

When placed together it literally becomes a road map in a step by step manner to solve the problem. The following steps are helpful to follow: 1. Determine a starting point. 2. Determine an ending.

The chemical formula for dipyrithione is C{eq}_{10} {/eq}H{eq}_8 {/eq}N{eq}_2 {/eq}O{eq}_2 {/eq}S{eq}_2 {/eq}. The molar mass of C{eq}_{10} {/eq}H{eq}_8 {/eq}N{eq}_2 {/eq}O{eq}_2 {/eq}S{eq}_2 {/eq} is.