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malacology definition: the branch of zoology dealing with mollusksOrigin of malacologyFrench malacologie: see malaco- and -logy.

Define malacologist. malacologist synonyms, malacologist pronunciation, malacologist translation, English dictionary definition of malacologist. n. The branch of.

Malacology definition, the science dealing with the study of mollusks. See more.

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Etymology[edit]. French malacologie, contraction of malacozoologie, from the ( obsolete) taxonomic name Malacozoa + French -ologie (“-ology”), Malacozoa.

Malacology definition: the branch of zoology concerned with the study of molluscs | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Malacology definition is – a branch of zoology dealing with mollusks.

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Define malacology. malacology synonyms, malacology pronunciation, malacology translation, English dictionary definition of malacology. n. The branch of.

Malacology is the branch of invertebrate zoology that deals with the study of the Mollusca (mollusks or molluscs), the second-largest phylum of animals in terms.

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